Handwriting Without Tears

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Handwriting Without Tears is a simple, developmentally based curriculum for writing readiness, printing and cursive. The multi-sensory lessons teach to all learning styles-visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. The unique materials and engaging workbooks alleviate problems with:


This program was developed by Jan Olsen, OTR, who has specialized in handwriting for more than 25 years. This handwriting curriculum has been adopted in 10 states in the United States within the last three years as a result of its effectiveness.


Children of pre-writing age who may benefit from this program include those who:


Children of writing age who may benefit from this program include those who:


As part of the evaluation, the child also would have a fine motor/hand skill evaluation. Developmental hand program activities would be provided as indicated and addressed specifically in treatment in the case of fine motor difficulties. For older children who are struggling with cursive writing, the Loops ‘N Other Groups program, (developed by Mary Benbow, OTR, internationally recognized for her expertise in development of hand skill and remediation of fine motor deficits), may be used.



The child would initially receive an evaluation of:


If needed, and time permitting, the child may also receive:


The evaluation takes approximately one hour. (For children appropriate for pre-writing, i.e. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the initial evaluation usually takes approximately 45-60 minutes with treatment/parent instruction beginning on the first visit.


Treatment Sessions

Length of treatment sessions:

-                     45 minutes

-                     30 minutes (generally pre-writing level)


Duration of treatment:

-                     Ranges from 6 weeks to a few months

-                     Depends upon each child’s individual progress and deficit areas

-                     Depends upon consistency of parent home programming

(Written materials and home programs are included in the cost of the program.)


Home Programs          

Parents are included in programming techniques and are required to participate in home programs with their child to ensure the child’s success. Fortunately, not much time at home is required (5-10 minutes per day).


Children grades 1-4 are expected to benefit most from Handwriting Without Tears. However, any child can be evaluated.







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